Pave Consulting collaborates with dreamers and doers to develop launch plans that are as ambitious as they are, and then we impart the tools and strategies clients need to see those plans through to the finish line. Our work makes companies smarter, faster—and we’re not done until our clients are empowered to take over the controls and keep driving forward.

With over 15 years of high-profile management expertise across a diverse range of industries around the globe, Pave Consulting is a proven catalyst for operational optimization.

Julie Thielman of Pave Consulting

Julie Thielman, Founder

A seasoned strategist with global expertise and a proven record of driving highly impactful, long-term business results, Julie Thielman thinks big but—delivers on the details.  


What does it mean to be three steps ahead?

It means mitigating problems.

It means crafting comprehensive, tailored strategies.

It means driving faster toward sustainable solutions.

With tens of millions of dollars of cost savings and incremental profit credited to her work, the outcomes of Julie’s professional efforts speak for themselves. Of course, the strongest assurance of a good outcome is an impeccable process. Julie’s unique blend of directness and collaboration drives clarity, efficiency, and ease.

“Global expertise” is an increasingly ubiquitous term on contemporary resumes, but in Julie’s case, it fits. An authentic cosmopolitan, Julie has spent nearly half her career overseas, navigating cultural barriers, honing international business acumen, and invariably earning the trust of her colleagues and clients in Australia, Singapore, India, and back home in Minnesota.

When she’s not transforming companies, Julie enjoys organizing anything in sight, exploring new places around the globe, searching for the inspiring "Pavemakers" with great ideas, indulging her foodie sensibilities around the Twin Cities, and entertaining friends and family.

Why Pave is here

You have the pie-in-the-sky goals.

We build the staircase to get you there.

Pave Consulting is the practical strategic partner for dreamers and doers.

After spending most of her career in-house, Julie is now bringing her expertise directly to clients.  Pave Consulting has stripped away the red tape and bureaucracy to focus on what counts: accessibility, flexibility, one-on-one support, and results.

As an in-house consultant, Julie built a reputation for leading complex start-up operations at large corporations and is bringing her insight to the small business owners. This “small business within a large business” expertise gives her unique insight into the workings of companies at both ends of the size spectrum.  Every project gets treated like a nine-figure deal. Small businesses get every ounce of respect and attention afforded to Fortune 500 companies.

Pave Consulting is passionate about helping businesses define their launch strategies —from one (wo)man start-ups to industry titans— take action to develop strategies, operate efficiently, and optimize potential.